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Tattoo Care
Remove bandage after 1 hr. Wash with cool water and Soft Soap, pat dry and apply a small amount of our after care, 3 min. after applying pat dry with a paper towel, Apply 4-5 times a day for the next 2 weeks
Después del tatuaje cuidado
Retirar la venda después de 1 hr. Lave con agua fria y jabón suave, seque y aplique una pequeña cantidad de nuestro postratamiento, 3 min. después de aplicar una toalla seca con papel de rizo, aplique 2-3 veces al dia durante las próximas 2 semanas.
Piercing Care
Clean with antibacterial soap and water. Work build up of entry and holes with Q-tip and turn ring twice. Place the ball where you want it, rinse and damp  dry with a clean cloth. Repeat three times and day.
Aftercare for a mouth piercing
Crushed ice in mouth 7-14 hrs. over the next 48 hrs. Rinse with antiseptic mouthwash twice an hr after eating, drinking, or smoking. Do Not eat, drink or smoke after anyone! Do Not stick tongue out past your lower jaw for 7 days. For pain and swelling. Take Aleve as prescribe, No Beer (contains yeast) for the next three weeks, you CAN have liquor or wine. No oral sex for three weeks!! Do Not  change jewelry for four weeks.